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Women’s Monthly Sexual Peak

women monthly sexual peakHave you ever noticed that your sexual desire changes throughout the various phases of your monthly cycle? Several of my girlfriends told me that their sexuality peaks right before the menstruation. “I think I have more testosterone at that time. I have more initiative, become more assertive.” One of my girlfriends confessed, followed with a grin.

I couldn’t help but wonder, “Is there a specific time when a woman’s sexual desire peaks during her monthly cycle? If so, when? Does it differ from woman to woman? And how are we different from female animals in this regard?” Living with a cat, and watching her cyclical variation of moods and rhythms, month in and month out, I couldn’t help but throw in this question as well.

This is what I’ve found. It is quite interesting, even thought-provoking…

It turns out that most female animals are “in heat” only at specific times, when they are sexually interested, active and ready for procreation. A female animal bleeds for several days just around ovulation, when a little blood is discharged from her vagina to act as a mating signal.

This can’t be more different from us! As we know, female humans don’t bleed at ovulation but at the other pole of the cycle. This is true for apes and other primates as well. Female primates may be sexually responsive throughout the entire cycle, and a major peak of sexual desire occurs just before menstruation, when it’s highly unlikely for impregnation to occur.

So is there a purpose served by this variation in our species’ evolutionary path? Perhaps female humans and primates learned the secret of sexual pleasures beyond the single-minded goal of procreation. Or perhaps it serves some other purpose as well…

At around ovulation, a woman generally feels most open, magnetic, and nurturing to others. By contrast, during the menstrual time, her energetic flow is turned inward. She feels more of a need to nurture herself, and wants to pull away from the demands and expectations of other people in her life. 

It’s been recorded in history that many women demonstrated special power during menstruation to see and sense things beyond the physical realm of the five senses. Perhaps during the menstrual time, a woman can most easily access the working of her inner life and the powers of the psyche. Perhaps she can use the peak sexual energy that takes place at the menstrual time for ecastacy, healing, regeneration, and spiritual illumination.

Sexual energy and creative energy are said to come from the same source. Perhaps the purpose of this sexual peak right before menstruation is for women to connect deeply from within, and use it to create a union with her inner masculine, to conceive an idea, or a vision with the creative gift of her animus.

Just a thought… What’s your experience? Use our Mood and Lifestyle Tracker to monitor your sexual desire throughout your menstrual cycle, and see it for yourself. It’s fascinating!

Jing Jin, Chief Harmony Officer
At, our mission is to empower women to honor their menstrual cycles, improve their reproductive and overall health, and become the very best version of themselves.

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#2 Jing 2012-03-12 18:57
That's very interesting ChiChi! I've heard some women experience their peaks around ovulation, and some around menstruation. I wonder if every woman is different and what factors may influence it...
#1 chichi 2012-03-11 19:53
Its been my experience over the years after living with a number of women that the week following their period they seem to be their hornyest really wanting to make love and have the most intense orgasim's
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