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Sex During Period: The Potential Side Effects

side effects sex during periodGrowing up I was told that it was a bad idea to have sex during your period. The reason my mom offered was that during menstruation, women’s reproductive systems are quite sensitive and vulnerable, and hence more susceptible to infections.

Having discovered that many of the things my mom told me when I was young were neither true nor accurate, I questioned this belief, as well, then Googled and visited a number of reputable health sites.

It seems that in America there’s a consensus on this subject: that it’s absolutely safe to have sex during your period, though there is still a chance you may get pregnant, unless you’re taking precautions. There are also plenty of tips on how to get comfortable with the idea, and how to keep menstruation sex less messy, etc. So that’s the last word on the subject, right? Not quite…

As a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I’m learning that having sexual intercourse during one’s period is an important cause of disease in women. It can cause blood stasis and lead to amenorrhea (no period or scanty period), dysmenorrhea (painful period), menorrhagia (heavy and prolonged period), or irregular periods.

Here’s why…

During your period, your blood and Qi (energy) naturally move downwards. With sexual arousal, though, your Qi moves upwards. As these two opposing movements clash, they can cause a stagnation of both Qi and blood in the uterus. And this stagnation interferes with the natural flow of menstrual blood, which can cause the various problems mentioned earlier.

I used to reject the notion that sex during your period was dangerous, even though I don’t personally enjoy it. I thought it mostly came from cultural and religious taboos that we should be liberated from in the 21st century.

Now, however, as I’m studying Chinese medicine, I’ve begun to appreciate the reasoning behind it. I’ve learned that during menstruation women’s bodies are more susceptible to external pathological influences, so it’s a good policy to exercise caution and take good care of ourselves during these vulnerable times.

I recognize that this is a controversial topic since most believe it’s perfectly all right to have sex during one’s period. I’m open to your thoughts and opinions. Please share them by leaving a comment.

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Jing Jin, Chief Harmony Officer
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#25 irfa 2015-05-30 19:40
Hi I did sex at the time of period by using safety is there any problem by doing this ? What precautions I have to take by avoiding the diseases which you mentioned earlier please give me the suggestion?
#24 Kg 2014-06-14 11:41
What happens if you're aroused during your period? Does your qi still move upwards if there's no sex involved?
#23 Pali 2013-12-23 22:54
I had sex on my period last months and this month my period is very light even the colour of the blood is very light,should I be worried?
#22 Pali 2013-12-23 22:54
I had sex on my period last months and this month my period is very light even the colour of the blood is very light,should I be worried?
#21 Judith 2013-12-05 21:32
Dear Sara,
as you could read in the text above, there are different opinions on the subject. I must admit I never looked at the health perspectives until recently. I'm 35, made love whenever I wanted to (period or not) and never had any problem.
However, now that I'm aware of these multiple aspects, I'm glad to have a watchful eye on the matter.
That said, you can enjoy the jungle Love as you please... whilst listening to your heart and your body :)
Take good care of yourself!
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