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PMS Remedy: Chaste Tree Berry

pms-remedy-chaste-tree-berrySo, you are looking for remedies to alleviate your PMS symptoms. Where to start? The first step is to get a basic understanding of your PMS symptoms by tracking your menstrual cycles and PMS symptoms. You can sign up for a free acccount to track your menstrual cycles and connect with our global community of women who understand you and support you. Join our community.

The second step is to develop your own PMS management plan incorporating a balanced diet, regular exercise, and rest and relaxation routines.

If you’re open to it, you may also include natural healing techniques such as Qigong, yoga, meditation, massage, acupuncture, or herbal remedies. And of course, if your symptoms are severe, or if you have PMDD, you should certainly seek medical help.

In this article, I want to share with you a powerful herb that’s widely recommended for treating PMS symptoms. This herb is Chaste Tree Berry, also known as Vitex Agnus-castus, Abraham’s Balm or Monk’s Pepper.

The Benefits

Chaste Tree Berry is known for its property in normalizing hormone imbalance by stimulating the pituitary gland. It helps regulate the menstrual cycle and slightly increase the production of progesterone in women who otherwise have irregular cycles.

Several researchers using this herb have found a significant reduction of PMS symptoms among women participants, especially irritability, depression, headaches, cramps, swelling, and breast tenderness.

Chaste Tree Berry is also commonly recommended for menopausal irregularities, such as frequent or heavy bleeding, and it is often combined with hormonal herbs such as Black Cohosh or soy.

Ways to Use

Chaste Tree Berry is a slow-acting herb and can take months to produce meaningful effects. When treating PMS, daily usage for three to six months is often recommended. When treating menopause, therapy of six months to one year is usually recommended.

You can find Chaste Tree Berry in pretty much any form: capsule, tablet, tincture, or liquid exact. Unlike many other herbs, it doesn’t make a popular tea, however. I tried to make tea using raw Chaste Tree Berry once. It had a very bitter taste and only became bearable after a lot of sweetening.


Chaste Tree Berry is considered a pretty safe herb with only mild side effects. More common side effects include mild digestive upset or skin rash. Other side effects may include rapid heartbeat, hair loss, headache, dry mouth, nausea, rash, itching and bleeding between periods.

Chaste Tree Berry is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. If you have other health issues or are taking hormonal supplements, you should consult your doctor before taking Chaste Tree Berry. And you know the usual drill, if you notice any side effects while taking it you should back off either by reducing the dosage or stopping immediately.

And one last thing you should know about Chaste Tree Berry: It was used as an herbal remedy by monks in the Middle Ages to diminish their sex drive, and so its common names stem from its use by monks to maintain celibacy. Be aware that Chaste Tree Berry may occasionally reduce the sex drive in women, even though the effects are far less pronounced than the name of this plant suggests.

If you're thinking about using Chase Tree Berry to help balance your hormones and reduce/eliminate PMS, peri-menopausal or menopausal symtoms, check out Nature's Way Vitex Agnus-Castus. It has received many great reviews!

If you’ve tried Chaste Tree Berry, please leave a comment (both negative and positive), so we all can learn from your experience.

Jing Jin, Chief Harmony Officer
At, our mission is to empower women to honor their menstrual cycles, improve their reproductive and overall health, and become the very best version of themselves.

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#4 Jingtastic 2013-03-14 16:17
Mindy, thanks for sharing your experience. I'm glad to hear that you found chaste tree berry helpful and you're feeling better. It's awesome!
#3 Mindy 2013-03-06 05:15
I have had years of being rushed to the hospital due to heavy and painful menses. I have tried all methods from birth control to chemical induced menopause to help with the pain. None of it worked. After losing my job and not appearing to be a responsible employee I thought my life was over. I recently changed my diet to vegetarianism in hopes that it would help but there was still no resolve. After many hours of extensive research I found the Chaste Tree Berry. I couldn't find just the extract or berry locally but I did find Fem-Cycle at the Sprout's grocery store. I have been taking it for the last 8 months or so. Prescription strength pain pills couldn't give me this much relief. There is still quite a bit of discomfort with just the herbal supplement but I combine it now with Aleve and I am just fine. It is a hard dose to swallow and I have to take it about four or five times a day but it is the only thing that helps me.
#2 Jingtastic 2012-05-22 17:08
Thank you so much for sharing your experience Theresia. I'm sure many women will find it helpful :)
#1 theresia 2012-05-18 05:09
My gynecologist recommended that I take a depo provera shot for heavy bleeding and excruciating menstrual cramps. I took one shot in July of 2011 and never went back for the second shot. I bleed lightly three months ( the time that depo is supposed to be an effective birth control) then I did not have any bleeding until Feb 2012. In april I started bleeding (4+weeks) and it did not stop until I started taking chaste tree (Vitanica 240 mg a day) after researching it on the internet and in herb books. I had always been told that it was the herb to go to if birth control had messed up your menses. Of course, it could just be a coincidence and I am scheduled to visit the gynecologist just to make sure its not anything more serious but I truly believe and feel that chaste tree will continue to balance my hormones and get my cycle on track. Wish I had tried it before the depo!

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