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The Moon Cycle and The Menstrual Cycle


Have you ever paid attention to the moon cycle, and the magical relationship it has with your menstrual cycle? The moon cycle has 29.5 days, changing from the waxing new moon of increasing light, to the full moon of total illumination, to the dark waning moon of decreasing light, and back to the waxing new moon of increasing light again.

Month after month, the moon cycle mirrors a woman’s menstrual cycle, which coincidently has an average length of 29.5 days as well. And similar to the moon cycle, a woman’s menstrual cycle changes from the menstruation of new growth, to the ovulation of full power and blossom, to the pre-menstrual phase of harvest and degeneration, and back to menstruation of renewal again.

All life forms have cycles of birth, growth, death, and renewal that are mirrored in the progressive phases of the moon cycle. I think a better understanding of the moon cycle and its rhythms and energetic influences can help us better appreciate the rhythmic dance of our own menstrual cycles, to be in harmony with it rather than to be at odd with it.

So how’s your menstrual cycle in relation to the moon cycle? Do you menstruate on the new moon or on the full moon? What’s the moon phase when you ovulate?

I read that the natural cycle of women who live and sleep out in the open away from artificial light is to ovulate on the full moon and menstruate on the new moon. But this is not the case for most modern women whose natural rhythms are largely affected by artificial light.

Some women may menstruate on the crescent moon, some on the full moon, some on the waning moon, and others on the new moon. According to Dragontime by Luisa Francia, specific moon phase energies, when magnified by menstruation can be freed up and made available for use if we choose to work with them.




Waxing moon represents new beginnings and growth. New ideas are being planted. New processes are coming into play. New experiences and events are within reach.

The energy of the waxing moon menstruation is inwards and self-nourishing. It’s time to think, to learn, to read, and to plan. During this time, you might be open to important learning, to receive knowledge, to set intentions, and to make new plans.

The goddess associated with the waxing moon is Persephone, a virgin goddess who walked the path to the underworld and was initiated into womanly bleeding. She’s the guardian of the crescent moon menstruation.




The full moon represents fire, abundance, power and vitality. It’s time to claim one’s own power, make decisions, work changes, and bring something into being.

The energy of full moon menstruation is outward, world-nourishing. Feasts and celebration go well with full moon bleeding. The transformational quality of the fire energy makes it an ideal time to learn to transform negative energies into positive ones: rage into creative action, belly cramps into sensuousness.

Ishtar, the Red Goddess of Babylon is the guardian of this menstrual fire.




The waning moon represents maturity and harvest. It’s time for persistence, for making reality out of the visions and impulses.

The energy of waning moon bleeding is outward, world nourishing. It’s time to tend the blooms of the full moon energy, and to make your vision a reality. It takes persistence, patience, and hard work. But the harvest is within reach if you do.

The goddess of this time, Demeter, a mother goddess is responsible for the cycles of life on earth, letting the fruits and grains ripen for harvest, in preparation for the next cycle when she’ll withdraw to tend to her own nourishment, letting the earth become barren while she mourns for her daughter.




The new moon represents the dark and mysterious power of the deep. Existing structures have fulfilled their purposes, and need to be destructed, or reconstructed to make room for the new.

The energy of new moon bleeding is inwards, self-nourishing. During this time, anxieties, memories, and experiences may rise up, eager to be dealt with. It’s a good time to take stock, and to draw conclusions from them. New moon menstruation is a strong time of healing and renewal.

The goddess of this time is Hecate, the woman at the joining of three roads, the guardian of mysteries and knowledge, the reaper, the dark one, the crone.

What’s the moon phase of your menstruation? Does this information resonate with you? As far as I know, it’s not backed up by scientific studies, but rather, myths and traditions that have been passed on from generations to generations. My philosophy is to take what’s useful for you, and leave the rest.

I hope it’ll help you gain a better understanding of your own menstrual cycle and its rhythms, and develop a more harmonious relationship with it.


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2. If you want to learn more about the magical connection between the moon cycles and the menstrual cycles, I recommend The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. It's a beautiful tale about sisterhood, the moon cycles and our menstrual cycle. It was so inspiring to me that I started! Another of my favorite is Her Blood is Gold by Lara Owen

3. Learn some practical tips on how to sync your menstrual cycle with the moon cycle. 

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Lessa barrett
#89 Lessa barrett 2016-06-04 15:27
The piano octives of 7 cdefgab,1234567 , are also a coincidence in alignment with moon and femalecycle. face and egbdf numbers match up21 & 7day cycles in the math of piano keys. starting with middle c, as number one.
#88 Jingtastic 2015-11-08 18:00
Paul, thanks for raising a very interesting question. It's thought provoking. In Chinese mythology, there are the heaven and the earth, and then the man in the middle with the heaven above and earth below. How we balance the yin and yang is a lifetime journey...
Paul Carpenter
#87 Paul Carpenter 2015-10-26 20:26
I was driving in the full moon lastnight and it became evident the similarities between the full moon cycle and menstrual cycles. My question, If Earth (planets) are mothers (the fertile soil) and stars are fathers, then is our Universe literally that much alive. And with this point of view, how can we better understand our World?
Nadia Reigna Silver
#86 Nadia Reigna Silver 2015-05-18 19:40
This 1/4 year has been a WHOPPER of power house celestial moon related happenings. May 21st 2015 promises to be another. On this day that I am responding (05/18/2015) just so happens to also be a powerful day. Moon v/c at the same time Mercury rx (12:13a MST), then moved into II Gemini 5 hours later. My birth moon is a 3 day old waxing crescent, but my 1st day of my cycle started in earnest 12:13a MST, USA last night. I remembered a bit about how having a "blood moon" (your period during a full or new moon) can enhance or muck up your powers, so I looked it up and came across this article.

Thanks for clearing that up for me! I am born under the moon card in tarot. So to me this info is important. I've always wondered why I never got my period on a full moon (those are supposed to be whoppers, power wise) and instead on/ near the new moon.
#85 Ameline 2015-03-10 02:14
I feel deeply connected to the moon. I enjoy all the phases of the cycle (both mine and the moon's) and act accordingly. Learning to honor and take advantage of "that special time of month" really made a huge difference in PMS symptoms I used to have and got me rid of pain and discomfort. It's a chance to get my emotions sorted out, anything's wrong, it will show itself so I have a chance to do something about it. Resistance and trying to suppress things is what causes the pain, at least for me. It is an exercise in letting go. But my cycle is still a mess anyway, it always has been from the start, it can go anywhere from 31 to 45 days now irregardless of what is going on in the sky. Perhaps it will get better now I finally got something for my crazy thyroid... I hope.
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